The Way of the Worshipper by Hafiz al-Mundhiri (d. 656H)

The Way of the Worshipper by Hafiz al-Mundhiri (d. 656H)

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Allah, the Most High, Says: “So whoever hopes for the meeting with his Lord – let him do righteous actions and not associate anyone in the worship of his Lord.” Al-Khaf (18):110


Connecting to Allah in worship is fundamental to the life of the believer. Through worship does a believer attain the love of Allah, inner strength to fight the devil and cleanse the soul. Worship is not just a mere act or some movement of the limbs, but rather it is an act of devotion to your Lord. Only the true servant of Allah will remain devoted to His worship, despite the difficulties, trials, and tribulations of life – worship is a means of escape from these problems. In this short and materialistic world connecting to the Creator and reflecting upon His greatness is surely the way to enlighten the soul and nourish it for the abode of permanent residence – the hereafter.


The true servant knows that being devoted to Allah, is a means of salvation in this life and the next. It is also a path to the pleasure of the Most Merciful. Through devotion to Allah will you find strength, peace, tranquillity, hope and a real purpose of your existence. It is the way to real success, only travelled by those who are sincerely devoted and humble. Our Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) was the best worshipper of Allah, he was truly devoted and humble before Allah, the Almighty. In turn he taught his Companions the best acts of worship, the need to have sincerity in everything that a believer does, to be a true devotee to Allah and to the Sunnah of the Prophet. This was also emulated by our pious predecessors.


Before you is a text penned over eight hundred years ago by the hadith master al-Hafiz al-Mundhiri, may Allah have mercy upon him. He wrote this at the request of a close friend, for all those who would like to dedicate their life to the servitude of the One true Lord. This tremendous work will provide you with life-changing benefits to worship. If you desire to please Allah, to revive your Iman and to do away with heedlessness then you must start with this very beneficial text!