Ranks of the Elite - Volume One by Imam Ibn Jawzi

Ranks of the Elite - Volume One by Imam Ibn Jawzi

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Imam ibn al-Jawzi mentions that he read the inspiring book 'Al-Hilyat al-Awliya' of Al-Asbahani and decided to pen an abridgement and amend aspects of it he considered to be unnecessary, for example, he removed the chains of transmission to reduce length of narrations as well as reports he considered to be specious, and in this manner his distinguished 'Sifat al-Safwah' came to be. It is a book comprising stories and accomplishments of some of the greatest personalities of Islamic history. They are enumerated within five ranks and in order of merit, beginning with the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) as the greatest human, the beloved of Allah, praised in the Heavens and on Earth. 

The first volume comprises over one hundred and twenty great men of Islam, known for their knowledge, piety, courage, sacrifice and immense scholarship. Considered the elect of this nation, it commences with those promised Paradise among the Companions and then those who followed them in righteousness over the decades and centuries. It includes biographical data as well as their major accomplishments. 

One may assume good etiquette by accompanying people of piety, and it is anticipated that every reader will be inspired by the soul-stirring content of this work. Reading through its pages will not only astound,  but immerse you into a world of extraordinary individuals and characters exemplifying richness and quality of human experience. This volume will augment one's spiritual condition, heighten the senses and purpose towards achieving a real triumph in life and the one that will follow. Intellective and utterly absorbing.