Imām Muḥammad ibn 'Abdu’l-Wahhāb (d.1206H)

Muḥammad ibn `Abdu’l-Wahhāb ibn Sulaymān al-Tamīmī was born
in the year 1115H/1703AD in `Uyaynah approximately seventy kilometres north
of Riyāḍ and died in the year 1206H/1792AD at Dar`iyyah. He studied under
numerous scholars in `Uyaynah, Mecca, Madina, Baṣra and Huraymlā and was
highly proficient in Ḥanbalī jurisprudence, Arabic language and Qur’ānic exegesis.
He was devout, highly intelligent and had an excellent memory. His call was to
the revival of Tawḥīd away from the innovations and superstitions that had crept
into the belief of many Muslims and this da`wah spread throughout the world.